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    After A Suicide; Young People Speak Up

    by Kuklin, Susan

    When someone commits suicide it has a devastating

    effect on those left behind. Relatives and friends of

    suicide victims tells of their long and painful struggle

    to come to terms with the suicide of a loved one. By

    sharing their experiences, these young people hope to

    help remove the stigma associated with suicide and to

    help prevent other deaths. Includes sources of help for

    teens and a bibliography. 128 pp. Ages 12 and up.


    Healing After The Suicide Of A Loved One

    by Smolin, Ann (With:Guinan, John)

    The authors address the special needs and emotions of

    the survivors--those affected by the suicide of a loved

    one--explore the natural grief, and the added guilt,

    rage and shame that dealing with a suicide often engenders.

    Includes a directory of worldwide support groups.


    No Time To Say Goodbye; Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One

    by Fine, Carla

    When her husband, a successful young physician, took

    his own life in 1989, Fine felt that being unable to

    speak openly and honestly about the cause of her pain

    made it all the more difficult to survive. With No Time

    to Say Goodbye, she brings suicide survival from the

    darkness to the light, speaking frankly and with

    compassion about the overwhelming feelings of

    confusion, guilt, shame, anger, and loneliness.


    Suicide And Homicide Among Adolescents

    by Holinger, Paul C. (With: Offer, Daniel, & Bell, Carl C.)

    A non-technical examination of the clinical and

    epidemiological similarities and differences between

    youth suicide and homicide, throwing light on both

    forms of violence that could be used to inform public

    policies and prevention strategies. The four authors,

    all psychiatrists, cover the theoretical framework,

    epidemiological and demographic patterns, a

    cross-cultural perspective, and intervention and

    prevention. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc.

    Portland, Or.


    Waking Up, Alive; The Descent, The Suicide Attempt, And The Return To Life

    by Heckler, Richard A.

    For the five million Americans who have attempted

    suicide--and their loved ones--this remarkable book

    demystifies the decision and documents the pattern of

    recovery for those who survive. "Brings compassionate

    light to a shadowy corner of our psyche."--Ram Dass.


    Why Suicide? Answers To 200 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

    About Suicide, Attempted Suicide, And Assisted

    by Marcus, Eric

    Millions of people are affected by the suicide or

    attempted suicide of a loved one every year. Eric

    Marcus offers honest, straightforward answers to all of

    the haunting questions that plague those who are left

    behind. Without moral judgment, Why Suicide?

    answers the questions readers have about this complex

    and painful issue.


    Working Together Against Teen Suicide

    by (Other:Axelrod, Toby)


    Teenagers Talk About Suicide

    by Crook, Marion


    Teenage Suicide (Life Issues)

    by Goldman, M. Nikki


    Teenage Suicide

    by Gardner, Sandra/ Rosenberg, Gary B.


    Teen Suicide

    by Galas, Judith


    Suicide: Teens Talk To Teens

    by Crook, Marion


    Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, Postvention

    by Grollman, Earl A.


    Suicide, Survivors: A Guide For Those Left Behind

    by (Other:Wrobleski, Adina)


    Suicide Prevention: A Holistic Approach

    by De Leo, Diego (Edt)/ Diekstra, R. F. W. (Edt)


    Suicide Intervention In The Schools

    by Poland, Scott


    Straight Talk About Teenage Suicide

    by Frankel, Bernard (With:Kranz, Rachel)


    The Psychology Of Suicide; A Clinician's Guide To Evaluation And Treatment

    by Shneidman, E. & Shneidman, Edwin S. (Editor:Litman, N.)


    The Power To Prevent Suicide; A Guide For Teens Helping Teens

    by Nelson, Richard E. (With:Galas, Judith C.)


    Please, Listen To Me: Your Guide To Understanding Teenagers And Suicide

    by Crook, Marion


    Making Sense Of Suicide: Complete Guide To Why People Kill Themselves

    by Lester, David


    A Handbook For The Understanding Of Suicide

    by Perlin, Ss/Perlin, Seymour


    Everything You Need To Know About Teen Suicide

    by Hammerslough, Jane


    Depression & Suicide In Children And Adolescents:

    Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention

    by Patros, Philip G.


    Death By Denial: Studies Of Suicide In Gay And Lesbian Teenagers

    by Remafedi, Gary


    Cry Of Pain: Understanding Suicide And Self-Harm

    by Williams, Mark


    The Cruelest Death: The Enigma Of Adolescent Suicide

    by Lester, David


    College Student Suicide

    by Whitaker, Leighton C. (Editor:Slimak, Richard E.)


    Adolescent Suicide: Assessment And Intervention

    by Berman, Alan L./ Jobes, David A.


    Adolescent Suicide: A School Based Approach To Assessment & Intervention

    by Kirk, William G.


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