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    Youth Suicide: The Problem and Prevention Strategies

  1. Introduction
  2. Dimensions of the Problem
    1. Methods Used
    2. Death Statistics
    3. Suicide Attempts
    4. The Impact of Suicide
  3. Risk Factors and Causes
    1. Mental Illness
    2. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    3. Social Factors
    4. Precipitating Factors
  4. Prevention Strategies
    1. Primary Prevention Strategies
      1. Self Esteem For Life Fitness (SELF)
      2. Adolescent Suicide Awareness Program(ASAP)
      3. Means Restriction
    2. Intervention Strategies
      1. School Gatekeeper Programs
        1. The Pennsylvania Network for Student Assistance Services(PNSAS)
        2. The Edina, Minnesota, School Crisis Response Team
      2. Crisis Centers and Hotlines
    3. Postvention Strategies
      1. The Edina, Minnesota, School Crisis Response Team
      2. The Piscataway, New Jersey, Postvention Program
      3. Media Reporting
  5. Conclusion and Recommendations
  6. Site Links
  7. Further Reading
  8. Bibliography

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